Move Custom Robot

Hi, I have a USD file for a wheeled robot. I want to move the robot’s base using the wheels. I have created a custom extension in which I have a button to make it move forward. How can I use the python API to achieve this?

Hi @sauravdosi - Did you look at this section in Docs? This gives introduction about how to use Core APIs.

Thanks @rthaker for the prompt response. So I am using the WheeledRobot class to move the robot around. However, the robot does not move and probably the wheels are just spinning. I have removed the fixed joints and also assigned the tire material from jetbot to the wheels to make sure that the friction is set properly. Can you please tell me what could be the problem?

Fetch USD

Any updates on this?

It may not matter, but you can add gravity with the following code.

    # Enable physics
    scene = UsdPhysics.Scene.Define(stage_handle, Sdf.Path("/physicsScene"))
    # Set gravity
    scene.CreateGravityDirectionAttr().Set(Gf.Vec3f(0.0, 0.0, -1.0))