Need detailed datasheets for Ethernet Dual Dongles, Power Supplies


e excessively need detailed datasheet/info about Power Supply, Ethernet Dongle. Must be about electrical specs. I could not find any information about Ethernet Dual Dongle adapter’s operating voltage and current.
For example, how much current is drawn? We will put this AGX into the truck and safety is a very important issue for us. There is not enough information in your existing documents such as DRIVE_Mech_Inst_Guide.

Thanks a lot :)

Dear makman4,

Are you referring to the electrical specs about items 2 and 6 in the DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Hardware Quick Start Guide (PDF) doc?

Yes 2 and 6. Also I need 9 and 4 too.

Thanks a lot

Dear makman4,

Items 2, 4, and 9 all have labels with input/output voltage and output current specs. And they are already appropriately sized for DDPX.

Item 6 (ethernet dongle) has information in the DRIVE AGX Developer System Product Brief under Appendix A. Thanks.