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At first, I connected orin directly to the monitor, configured the system, changed the repo to 35.1, and during the execution of sudo apt dist-upgrade (70% progress), a window popped up prompting me that the system would shut down automatically in 60 seconds, I clicked cancel and re-entered the password, but it still shut down automatically.

After this, after connecting orin to the monitor and turning on the system, the monitor did not respond at all, so I wanted to use sdk manager to flash, but the orin was always not recognized by the host, and the GUI of sdk manager always showed ‘No board connected’, so I don’t know what went wrong.

I would really appreciate some help!

Are you using VM or host PC with Ubuntu 20.04?

Yes , I do it use a host PC with Ubuntu20.04 installed the SDK manager 1.8.1, and connecting orin (that is power-on and has a monitor screen) and PC with the line (USB2.0 – Type-C), Plug one end of USB into the host PC and the others into orin, but the SDK manager on the host PC show the no board connected warning info.

Yes, i do use Ubuntu 20.04 VM on a Windows PC, but the orin can not be recognized by either the SDK manager or the host PC. In someone else’s post, i saw that the orin can be found in the device manager of the Windows PC after connecting.

The VM is not we suported to insall SDK manager to reflash your device, however some users could get it work, you can refer to below thread if can help: Flashing Jetson Nano 2GB with VM

If not working, it’s better to have a native Ubuntu 20.04 host PC.


Thanks first,

but i still have a question which i previously mentioned. It happened when the monitor can still respond. When i use the orin, sometimes a window pops up to prompt me that the system will power off automatically in 60 seconds, and even if i clicked ‘cancel’ and re-entered the password, the system will still shut down immediately.

Do u know why?

Hi DJI_Jeremy,

Are you run any script in background?
Please share the kernel logs for check.

Sorry, now i can’t use the orin as a PC, so i can’t get any logs.
As kayccc said, i’d better to reflash it by SDK manager on a native Ubuntu 20.04 host PC and maybe then i can connect the orin to a monitor.

Hi DJI_Jeremy,

Yes, please use native Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 by SDK Manager to install the latest JetPack-5.0.2 on Orin.

OK, thanks for your reply

For flashing, I believe you need to use the other USB-C port, next to the 40-pin connector. On firmware 35.1, the 40-pin USB-C provides the flashing interface, the MicroUSB port (on the video port side) provides the serial console.

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I know that, thanks.

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