No display after Re-flash - AGX Orin

Dear Team,

I am trying to reflash a JS1000 AGX orin device but I do not get any display after re-flashing. The re-flash completes successfully on SDK manager. However, I get many errors in the log. Also, when I try to install other components ,the device is not detected by my host machine. My host machine ubuntu version is 22.04.3 LTS. Kindly for your support on this issue. Please find attached the log for re-flashing. (102.8 KB)

Unless the manufacturer of the third party carrier board states that you should use the NVIDIA flash software I would say that you flashed with the wrong content. Carrier boards which are an exact match to the NVIDIA developer kit carrier board are an exception, but any carrier board with different layout implies you need to use the manufacturer’s software.

The manufacturer will do one of the following:

  • State that their hardware uses the same flash software as that from the NVIDIA dev kits.
  • Provide a patch that the user applies to NVIDIA flash software, but otherwise no change.
  • Provide their own flash software (which is usually mostly the NVIDIA dev kit software).

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