Phantom collision between screw driver and screw head


I have a scene setup in Isaac Sim 2023. Here, I have a franka which picks up a screw driver and proceeds to place it firmly on a screw head. However, when the screw driver is very close to the screw head, it gets repelled. PFA the video of the issue.

My screw driver colliders is Convex Hull.
I changed the screw collider between SDF and convex decomposition. But getting the same issue.

Please let me know what I could do to mitigate the issue.

Video is 8x speed

if you enable the physics collision debug visualization do you see the collision?
Eye icon → Show by type → Physics → Colliders:

This should help you identify where the collision comes from.


Hi Ales,

Thanks for the reply. I enabled collision view and noticed that there isn’t any colliders colliding. I also noticed that when the screwdriver tip and screw head are quite close, both of them begin to shake/vibrate a bit as shown in attached video. This implies that they can “feel” each other when close. Is there any way to make them not “feel” when near each other but make them “feel” only when colliders touch?


PS: I do not face this issue when the screwdriver is without a rigid body property or when it is kinematic enabled. I think it is because in these scenarios, the repulsive force from the screw head does not shake the driver since it is immune to such forces.

Interesting, not sure what is going on. With SDF collisions this should work just fine. One can tune the contactOffset on a Collision to let the objects compute collisions when closer, however I dont think it will help here.
Please would it be somehow possible to share the asset with us? We would like to take a look what the problem is. Feel free to write me a DM.
Thanks, sorry for the trouble