PhysX on VisualStudio 2015


I would like to ask if there is any instructions how to start using PhysX on VisualStudio 2015?

I am Rhinoceros / Grasshopper developer. I work in Visual Studio using C#.

Could you reference how to start implementing PhysX using C#?

Thank you in advance,
Petras Vestartas

To compile PhysX targeting the Visual Studio 2015 c++ runtimes you can load the solution at

That’s c++ though, not c#. Calling c++ code from c# is doable but it tends to require some sort of messy wrapper layer. Googling “C# Physx” gives at least one hit for a wrapper that someone else has written. You could probably find a few (for example Unity must be using one though it’s probably not open source) but I’ve not tried any so I don’t know how good they are or what versions of physx they support.

Yes I saw that everybody is using wrapper C#.

But the first question I have:
Could you give me a download link to: PhysX SDK?