Plese deprecate before removing

Essentially, many things have been not only deprecated but removed from 2022.1.0. So whatever code one had, probably is not working.

One example? “ROSBridgeCreateClock” since everything got moved to action graphs.
Another? simulation_context.start_simulation() under physx
Another one? the imu sensor management.

Also, if you deprecate/remove something, would be great if at least one hint for replacement is given to the community through the documentation itself :)

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sorry for that. we will bring back limited support for Isaac SDK in the next release. but there is no plan to support REB in the long term

Okok, no problem. It is just a suggestion. A little warning would be highly appreciated with such big changes, even if I understand the difficulties that might be behind that.

For example, it would be great to access the new capabilities of the updated simulator (e.g. DLSS) with the old code. Maybe keeping a “legacy” version (like import omni.issac.ros_bridge_legacy) would be just enough for developers.

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yes, we totally understand. We will be more considerate in the next releases

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