Problem when exiting a game

So I’m experiencing a problem when exiting a game. Cortana, Mail, the Nvidia control panel that looks like its running a script, and an error message open up. Again, this only happens after I close a game, the game does not crash on its own. At first I thought this was a virus and ran a full scan on Defender and got nothing. I tried to reinstall Windows and reinstall the GeForce Experience drivers. Nothing worked. The error message that appears has to do with the VCRUNTIME140APP.dll file. I tried to manually add the file to the system32 and still nothing. I’m stumped. Anyone have any information on the topic? I’ve attached a photo of one of the error messages that appears.
Screenshot 2022-07-25 161040

I am not certain, but I think that is a Windows error. A quick search turns up a bunch of results from the Microsoft forums.

I would search for a solution there.

Tom K

I’ll check them out. Thanks for the advice

Sorry for the fact of this being a photo taken with my phone, but this also pops up.