Problems initializing calibrated camera


I encounter an error while trying to initialize a calibrated camera. The error is listed below:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  [2019-05-01 11:15:29] DW Error DW_CALL_NOT_ALLOWED executing DW function:
 dwRigConfiguration_initializeCalibratedCamera(&calCam, 0, rig)

Before calling this function driveworks and the SAL are initialized. Also the rig configuration is initialized using the rig file provided as an attachment (I changed the file to a txt, but the version used on the drive has the extension .json).

When I look in the documentation the possible returns of the dwRigConfiguration_initializeCalibratedCamera function are DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT and DW_SUCCESS. Why is the function returning DW_CALL_NOT_ALLOWED and what does it mean?


The rig file did not describe a camera, only a can sensor.
rig.json.txt (1.91 KB)

Dear Genitus,
Thank you for bringing it to our notice. As this API is used to get calibrated camera handle, We expect rig file to include camera sensor. DW_CALL_NOT_ALLOWED indicates it has used with invalidate data.