Quadro FX 1700 won't drive VGA monitor on CRT-0. DFP-0 is fine, as is CRT-1.

I just got a Quadro FX 1700 card, using driver 340.76 under Gentoo Linux, kernel 3.18.11. If I connect my LG 2344W with a DVI cable, it is recognized as DFP-0 and runs at 1920x1080. I can also connect a Dell P2210 via VGA cable to the second port (actually even using a KVM) with DVI/VGA adaptor, and it is recognized as CRT-1 at 1680x1050. However, if I connect the LG with a VGA cable (either through a KVM or directly) the card apparently sees CRT-0 but no details, and claims it is running it at 1024x768, but the monitor does not see any signal.

I have included

Option  "CustomEDID" "CRT-0:/lib/firmware/edid/lg_edid.bin"

in xorg.conf, but the X log still shows

(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-0

(and I have no idea why those code blocks start with “1.”

Am I trying to do something the card just won’t do?

On a related note, in text mode, before starting X, only the monitor connected to port 1 shows any display. I had a different (GF 7600) nvidia card, which showed the boot messages/text on both connected monitors. (One of the ports just died which is the only reason I replaced it.) I assume this is just a difference in design of the two cards, but is there anywhere I can find what behavior I should expect from this card? It’s actually an HP card, but I can’t find any useful info on their site.

I’ll be glad to attach the nvidia-bug-report output if it’s likely to be useful, but I’d want to restart X with the logverbose up first.

Thanks for any suggestions.