Quality problems in movie capture export with realtime RTX render

there a re a few issues i found working with machinima 2021.1.2 , on viewport my shadows look smooth and on rendering i have have this alias artifacts and jagged shadows i already tried several combinations of anti alias and file extensions and cant get rid of them on realtime mode while rendering … this one is almost 2k resolution

the same happens too with version 2021.2.0

If i render the same file from “create” the shadows problem is a lot smaller , i think that maybe machinimma is not exporting at highest resolution .

also i found another issue with machinnima 2021.2 : if i export EXR HDR on realtime RTX at resolution 2160 x 2160 it exports the file at half the size (1080 x 1080) doesn´t happen if i export without HDR field disabled.

thanks in advance

Hello @poyodiaz! Thanks for reaching out to us. I have informed the dev team about your post.

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Hi @poyodiaz! I just want to let you know that I just heard back from the QA team that they were able to reproduce this issue. They are documenting it for the development team to work on.

thanks! that´s great

Hi @poyodiaz! I have some new progress info from the dev team about this issue. It sounds like they are making progress in identifying where the problem is.

Changing the settle latency got rid of the artifacts for me in Create. At 100, It looked really good you could probably go much lower.

Was not able to preproduce the size issue.

With the settle latency increased, DLSS and RTXAA gave me the best result. I was using Movie Capture 0.5.7 in Machinima 2021.2.0-rel.3 (which I think is the prod version) and Create 2021.3.7-rc.1. I could not get rid of the banding in the background yet.

.exr had the most jagged edges. I got much better results with png and tga