Replicator images contain artifacts from other frames

Hi all,

Was giving Replicator a try today and came across an issue with the images it generated.

In several images you can see the silhouettes of objects from another frame. I have included one pair as an example. Is this an artifact of postprocessing or something?

These images were generated using the “Hello World” tutorial.

Hi @mason.mcgough! I’ve passed this along to the Replicator team to help you out.

Hello, with rapidly changing frames, DLSS keeps some of the data of the previous run. This is done due to efficiency as most scenes aren’t rapidly changing like in the Replicator generation use case. To avoid having this issue we recommend running with another antialiasing algorithm: FXAA
As to where the render settings are on code you can see in the picture.

Within the render settings, click on anti-aliasing and then click on FXAA as shown in the picture.

For more info into rendering settings you will find lots here: RTX Real-Time Settings — Omniverse Materials and Rendering documentation (

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Hello @mason.mcgough. You can also set the anti-aliasing through script with the following line:

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Perfect! Thank you for that info, especially the script.

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