Request for Enhancement in Uninstallation Process

Dear Nvidia Team,
I want to share a recent unfortunate experience and suggest an enhancement to prevent similar incidents.

Recently, IsaacSim2023 doesn’t work unexpectedly. To resolve this, I uninstalled it, ensuring I had backed up the related files beforehand.
However, upon clicking the uninstall button, I noticed the launcher became unresponsive. So, I clicked the uninstall button again, which unexpectedly resulted in the removal of IsaacSim2023 and inadvertently brought IsaacSim2022 to the forefront, leading to its unintended deletion.
Unfortunately, my backup of IsaacSim2022 was incomplete, resulting in the permanent loss of several crucial files.

I know this accident comes from my stupid oversight. However, implementing a more forgiving approach could prevent such incidents.
For instance, substituting the rm command with a mv ~/trash or introducing a confirmation popup upon clicking the uninstall button to verify the user’s intention could provide a safety net for users.

Please consider these suggestions. I am grateful for your continuous efforts and contributions to the community.



Hmm, deleting an app has nothing to do with your data. Your data is stored in your local Nucleus install or just on your regular hard drive in whatever location you specified. Deleting an app has no effect. The same way if you delete Microsoft Word it does not delete your word docs.

What crucial files are you talking about ?

Why does Issac Sim 2023 not work as expected ? Let’s start there and get it working as expected. Please provide more detail.

Hi @Richard3D,
Thank you for your reply.

  1. For example, please consider this setup.


If you delete the isaac sim 2023.1.1 on the Omniverse launcher, not only but also the whole isaac-sim-2023.1.1 directory will disappear.

The files outside the isaac-sim-2023.1.1 folder will not disappear even if you delete the app, but if I have created a workspace inside that folder and worked on it, those files will disappear. I thought that working with multiple files inside the standalone folder was conventional, but is this not the development team’s recommendation? necleus is hard to use due to its lack of git compatibility.

  1. Symptoms of Isaac 2023 not working include the terminal being covered in red text when launching the app (related to graphics or internal issues). I’ve been using Isaac Sim for two years, and when such problems arise, I’m pretty adept at resolving them. However, I’ve realized that reinstallation is the surest and quickest solution when it’s cumbersome to determine the primary reason. Unfortunately, I don’t have the log files, but I will share them when similar issues arise.

Ok thanks for clarifying. I see you are talking about your UI workspace configuration file. That is pretty easy to re create. The best thing to do is make a new one and save it OUT of the app folder.

Make sure you install the latest version.