Robot can't move when a replicator step is done

I use a robot controlled with LulaKinematicsSolver and a camera created with replicator. If I use the function omni.replicator.core.orchestrator.step(), then the robot does not move if I apply an action.
If I do not the replicator step, then the robot moves as wished.

Does someone know how works exactly the function step from the replicator and its impact ?
How does it defer from the World step function ?


Hi there,

the replicator step function ends up calling in order to simulate the world you would need to call world.step() as well. The offline_pose_estimation tutorial is a good example showing how one can use replicator’s step function together with isaac sim’s world step.


using rep.orchestrator.step(pause_timeline=False) will make sure the simulation will not get paused, or calling timeline.get_timeline_interface().play() again after the step function.


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Hi I encountered the same issue as you. Did you resolve the issue?

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