ROS2 Nagivation How to speed up robot?

I Hi, I have integrated navigation and RL walking together, and anymal robot can automatically walk to the target by the twist message sent by the navigation stack. Learned a little bit of ROS navigation practice,It is cool , however it walk too slowly!
I try to nav params such as max_vel_x, but not work! why ?(my computer calc power is not sufficient ?)

Hi @kanghua151 - Someone from our team will review and respond back to you.

@kanghua151 very cool! Do you have any sample demo video/USD/code to share? For understanding the range of joint velocities, are you able to make the robot walk faster with Isaac Sim APIs as is? (Just controlling robot joint velocities and seeing how fast it walks with Isaac Sim as the first step)

Are you using ROS1 or ROS 2?