RTX engine creation failed

When I open CREATE this error message (attachment) appears to me and the viewport goes dark showing nothing. However I’m sure I have the minimum requirement on my PC, because I work with 2 RTX 3090 cards. What could be the problem?

kit_20220928_120003.log (921.1 KB)

Hi John, sorry for the wait. but you are correct dual 3090s should work, that’s what I run in my system as well. Have you tried installing the latest drivers. This message is usually tied to to a non RTX gpu or an incompatible driver.

I have the same problem when using Omniverse Machinima 2021.2.1-rel.1. I get the error message RTX engine creation failed as above. I have an RTX 4090 GPU with Game Ready Driver 528.02. I do not have these issues when using Omniverse Create.
Can you please suggest an answer?