Silent crash when loading ALab 2.1

When loading ALab 2.1 (dpel . aswf . io / alab /) in Create, I keep getting silent crashes on an RTX 3060 Ti and on other machines. While I understand the scene might not fit into GPU memory at once, I don’t think it should silent crash on me.

The same happens for all the AEC samples.

I attached a log file.
kit_20230105_230710.log (1.0 MB)

I was able to load the scene with Render Settings>Common>Materials>Disable Material Loading enabled.
However, I keep getting crashes, e.g. when I want to export a subset of the scene:
kit_20230105_231643.log (1.2 MB)

These crashes also happen when disabling “materials and textures” and “embed textures” for .glTF export; progress bar runs to 95% pretty quickly, then Omniverse crashes.

Hi HerbSt,
I have downloaded your log and I will take a look and pass it over to the rest of the Dev team. However I must say that the Alab test scene is very very demanding, even for me on an A6000. It could certainly max out an 3060Ti’s memory. That would make sense that it loads with material loading disabled.

Create is just crashing when trying to export a subset of another scene ? Is does not crash when just viewing the AEC samples ? This could be because you are maxed out on memory. Please load the “Attic” scene in “Samples Browser”. Then open up the memory display information. See attachments. If it goes RED, you are out of memory.

Just did another test with VIEW which seems to load the scene pretty far:

It crashes on the last 2% or so. On subsequent launches it crashes immediately, presumably because textures are already cashed.

The Attic scene seems to work fine:

When switching the render delegate to “Pixar Storm”, CREATE freezes for 3+ minutes and then the overlay goes red (RTX 3060 Ti 7.9 GiB used, 0.0 B available), but it does not crash (and the scene is rendered).