Simulation of Magnetic Field in Isaac Sim

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to simulate a magnetic flux leakage (mfl) sensor in Isaac Sim but I can’t find a way or document to create any magnetic field in Isaac Sim. Can you help me?

Hi @semir.sunkun - Can you provide some more information about your use case?

Unfortunately, Isaac Sim currently doesn’t support mfl sensor.

I have a robot which carries a mfl sensor on it in an environment. I want to do a simulation where the mfl sensor saturates the environment with a magnetic field.

In fact, if I can only simulate the interaction of a magnet and an iron ball, that’s fine for me. Is there a way to this?

Hi @semir.sunkun - I think this post will be helpful to answer your question. Please review and let us know if you have any follow-up questions.