Some service conflict with "Epic Game Lancher" login state

Epic Game Lancher will be offline state cann’t login to server
Omniverse System monitor start all services on PC startup automaticly and then “Epic Game Lancher” not able to connect to server, offline state only. If stop all services “Epic Game Lancher” works fine.
Omniverse “Thumbnall” service maybe the conflict one, I’m not very sure.

Windows 11 Omniverse Lancher 1.54 Thumbnail v.1.4.1-466

Hello @wang_hailong1977! Welcome to the community! Can you provide us with a copy of your logs found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\<CONNECTORNAME> Your log may have the information we need to help troubleshoot this issue!

MayaPlugin.log (57.2 KB)
OmniFile.log (5.0 KB)

I only found two .log filesm, maybe because I disabled all omniverse service to start automaticly with system startup yestoday , and the other log files have been lost.

EpicGamesLauncher-backup-2022.05.23-13.01.58.log (109.7 KB)
This is Epic Game Lancher log file. I’m sure whether it’s the one when login error happened yestoday , because there many log files of the lancher.

The following article shows the networking ports Epic Game Lancher maybe used and I change some of the Omniverse services’s ports to make sure no confiliction, maybe I missed something?

By the way I’m behind “The Wall” and I’m using networking proxy like “V2ray”