Sony® STARVIS™ IMX462 for Jetson Xavier NX for 35.2.1

Does anyone have experience how to integrate e-com IMX462 camera the latest kernel (35.+).
e-com currently support older versions (32.6).
does the imx462 driver code is open? and can it be compile and modified to comply that requirement?

(related to Sony® STARVIS™ IMX462 Ultra Low-Light Camera for Jetson Xavier NX)


In general porting a device driver from an older JetPack (Jetson Linux) to a newer one is totally possible. My recommendation is to take a look at the Sensor Programming Guide documentation and also check the source code of already supported image sensors like the IMX477.

Some reference code in the Jetson Linux sources are at:


Also JFYI, RidgeRun has wide experience in the development of kernel drivers, we can develop (or port) the new drivers for you. You can visit our main website or please email to for technical questions and for other queries.

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