Substance SBSAR error

Hi Omniverse team,

I was testing the sbsar textures, I download a few from the link below and it seems like omniverse composer have problems reading the files, thinking there could be problems with the sbsar file i tried loading the file in 3dsmax2023 and it managed to load. Attached the sbsar file and the error log. Thanks (356.7 KB)
kit_20240403_093006.log (2.6 MB)

We are aware that this website you have mentioned is not conforming to standard Adobe Substance / SBSAR node graph formatting. USD Composer is made to read the sbsar file format in the exact official node structure specified by Adobe. I will send you some correctly formatted sbsar texture files that work well with USD Composer, just by dragging and dropping them in. We work with Adobe to make sure we read sbsar textures correctly, but we cannot control 3rd party vendors that are making textures that are not formatted correctly.

Here is a texture that work great, that are correctly formatted.
odd_stones_01.sbsar (73.5 MB)