Suggestion on implementing GPS plugin

I have a data file generated by a GPS/IMU combo not natively supported by Driveworks, and I want to feed the data into Driveworks (together with camera data captured) using replay. What I’m thinking is to implement a virtual sensor which will read the data file and convert the data to GpsFrame on the fly using plugin framework. Is it the the correct approach?

If this is the right approach, is it correct that file reading should happen within dwSensorPlugin_readRawData?

The documentation on dwSensorPlugin_readRawData ( lists the requirement on the memory layout of the raw bytes, but the doc is not correctly formatted. Can you provide the correctly formatted memory layout requirement? thanks

Hi @yuzhang,

Please check if the samples in the topic helps.

Thanks for letting us know the document issue. We will fix it. This is the correct one.


@VickNV My case is slightly different. I want to implement a virtual sensor backing by a data file. When I create the virtual sensor by calling dwSAL_createSensor, what value should I set protocol to? or maybe in my case, the plugin module does not need to call dwSAL_createSensor at all?

Hi @yuzhang,

Sorry for missing this! Have you resolved your problem?