Testing large USD model crashes

This isn’t a crash report, so much as a discussion point.

I’ve been trying to use the canonical test file by Fabio Di Castro, the “Multicar Tremo” that has a 42M-primitive file available in USD format.

It opens nicely in a few seconds in Kit but crashes when I switch to Path Traced.

I’m on Windows using an RTX2060.

Maybe I’m only asking “is this odd?” ie. “No this should not happen” or “ya, we’ve all seen this before.”

Thanks… love using Kit in either case!

(…but it’s not ready for prime time if it crashes like this.)

HOWEVER… after even a tiny bit of reading on my part, I see you’ve already forewarned me!

Thanks for trying this out. Do you have a link to the scene, would love to see if I can find the issue. It may be an out of memory issue on 2060. Looking at ways to gracefully exit for these sort of issues.

Here’s the test file.

Tremo 42M USD on WeTransfer

This file was the one used in the USD geo loading times thread on usd-interest.

The file is also viewable here from Dawid Cencora who was on this USD thread.

(I’m cgdougm on social btw.)
Doug MacMillan.

I tried it here and loaded good. We have made some improvement to memory in latest builds but it looks like it would fit fine on 2060, even though its below minspec

Path Traced

NICE! Okay, well thanks for that. Must be something else… I’ll try to find out.

Here’s another one that sends Kit to its knees (just in case you have not flipped these knobs yet!)

Path Tracing with a small model and a Dome Light; all was going fine until I changed:

  • Render Resolution Multiplier = 200%
  • Render Resolution = Viewport

…THEN… open up the Kit window to full 4k screen resolution… so, effectively the render is about 5k I’m guessing.

Only mentioning this in case it presents a handy way to trigger out-of-memory exception! (as a dev I’m always trying to stockpile unit-tests.)

Yes, resolution is a performance killer. I usually leave it at 720p unless I am doing an output.

This model is great, 42m polys

Well it’s killing me… my son just bought an RTX3080 …$890! I am horribly jealous and he is horribly guilty feeling ;-)

oh man, 3080 is insane in Kit.

Latest Kit also we decouple UI from rendering. On my 2080ti his is 5fp at 8k

but UI stays nice and fast

Your Cat is better, maybe its this one

I’m obviously having too much fun today Frank… appreciate all your support, and will continue to try to help test!

Looks like a lot of nice stuff coming up… I better order my own 3080 ;-)

Mostly I’m working on USD workflow, day job. So a 2060 for a developer is probably enough :-/


Great, Hydra viewports is supported in upcoming release, so you can use Storm as well.