The board is not booting while the power led is on

I am currently working on an autonomous mobile robot, which utilizes the Jetson Nano 4GB board. During testing of the robot’s motors, the board unexpectedly powered off and has since exhibited no signs of life. Despite the power LED indicating power when the power source is connected, the board does not boot. It is worth noting that the motors were connected to an L298n motor driver, powered separately from the board. The control signal, however, was being received from the board’s GPIO.
Is there anyone could help?

please follow point 0 and 3 in this post and share necessary info.

Point 0 is basically the true reflash of the board. Almost every board will be back to life with it. I mean “true flash” because sdcard image does not really flash things.

Point 3 is just to dump log so that we can see what is going on. It is most likely I will still ask you to reflash the board after checking the log.

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