The Intel Realsense Camera remains incompatible with the v4l2_camera in the ISSAC application

As per the ISAAC SDK documentation, the Realsense camera was expected to function with the v4l2_camera application. However, attempting to run it using Bazel resulted in a core dump.

I’m inquiring if anyone can recommend an alternative camera that’s compatible with this application? The documentation also suggests using a ZED camera, but it is mentioned that the cost is prohibitively high.

any UVC camera will work, use deepstrem to decode MJPEG or such compressions, I think you could make realsense also work but it will take more work as you need to make your own driver like nvidia did for zed.

Hi @ambroseeverhart this topic is about the Isaac SDK and not the main subject of this category

You may want to take a look at Isaac ROS that have more support for cameras, with Isaac ROS Argus Camera — isaac_ros_docs documentation and Isaac ROS Image Pipeline — isaac_ros_docs documentation