The Problem with Lidar Simulation in Omniverse


I have a question about something I noticed in Lidar when I was creating a program to link ROS and Omniverse.

  1. scan topic from Omniverse is not include intensities.
    Is there any way to output intensities?
  2. The angle_max and angle_min values included in the scan topic from Omniverse sometimes output incorrect values.

Like this.

angle_min: -0.069813169539
angle_max: -3.03687286377
angle_min: -3.02989172935
angle_max: 0.495673656464
angle_min: 0.502654850483
angle_max: -2.4155356884
angle_min: -2.40855431557
angle_max: 0.809832930565
angle_min: 0.816814124584
angle_max: -2.1991147995
angle_min: -2.19213342667
angle_max: 1.01229095459
angle_min: 1.01927244663
angle_max: -1.82212376595

These values cause errors in programs that are built on the assumption that angle_max is always bigger than angle_min.
Is this a simulation problem ?


We’ll add publishing intensities to ROS. They’ll just be 255 when hit.
There’s get_intensity_data on the python side in Isaac Sim. It’s in the same area as get_azimuth_data.
Smaller angle_max means it has wrapped around, can you detect when this happens and swap if needed? Thanks.