Turtlebot joint velocities don't match the desire target velocity

Hi everyone,
I have some issues on using turtlebot robot in isaac sim and it would be appreciated if you can provide any comments. I noticed that the turtlebot joint velocities don’t match the desire target velocities in velocity control mode. To reproduce I followed:
1- used this tutorial to import the turtlebot urdf and create a usd file.
2- used this tutorial and used the turtlebot usd instead of Jetbot for reinforcement learning example (robot is imported as wheelrobot class).
3- set the velocity using “apply_wheel_actions(ArticulationAction(joint_velocities))” function.
4- check the velocity using “get_joint_velocitie” function.


I had the same paroblem, when I applied velocity 10.0 to a joint in multiple consecutive time step, but I 9.xxx vel after the first step with get_joint_velocitie(), then got 5.xxx vel in subsequent time steps.
Did you solve the problem?