TX1/TK1 CSI Breakout Board?

I’ve been trying to find some source for a breakout board for either the TX1 or TK1. Basically, I would like to have access to all of the CSI (2-lane) camera ports on both boards for testing.

It seems ridiculous to me that on a devkit board these interfaces aren’t included, when one of the primary applications for this device is computer vision. The only sources I’ve been able to find are expensive boards that are complete replacements for the devkit board.

Does anyone have any idea if there is a board that connects to the TX1 camera expansion header to provide access to the CSI camera ports? Instead of providing the camera module nvidia should have just given access to these ports!

Have you checked out Connect Tech’s Elroy carrier? http://www.connecttech.com/sub/products/ASG002.asp
It doesn’t break out all the CSI lanes but it does provide 2 x2 CSI inputs.

We are also interested in such adapters.

Since there is no standard CSI camera connector, different camera vendors make their own TX1 adapter cards.

E.g. Leopard Imaging sent me data sheet of their LI-TX1-KIT-IMX274 board which can plug in TX1 CSI-2 camera header and support 3 their 8MP CSI-2 cameras and other cameras. it’s not on their web site yet. You may want to email them for information.

You may be aware L4T 24.1 only support 1 CSI-2 camera, only 24.2 and later will support more than 1 CSI-2 cameras.

I guess all vendors are struggling with CSI-2 drivers. Such as CTI’s GSML camera interface with Leopard’s GSML cameras. Nice hardware, no driver.

I’m willing to put in the effort of porting drivers, specifically the drivers for some smartphone CSI-2 cameras, such as those used on Raspberry Pi should be straightforward to port, since the source is available.

It’s not practical for my application to use USB 3.0 cameras, as they are far more expensive (not just in single unit quantities, but in bulk as well). Also, most of the USB 3.0 cameras are not power efficient due to needing to run the USB, and having dealt with camera interface middlemen before, it can be difficult to both work with them and get access to the underlying camera hardware you need in the first place.

I’m aware of the Elroy carrier, I think my best bet would be this: http://www.auvidea.eu/index.php/2015-11-08-08-01-27/2016-02-03-12-30-02/j100-single-tx1-carrier-lite

But then I did see the pinout for the camera expansion connector on the devkit does have all CSI ports, so it might be better for development purposes to just have a small breakout board rather than replacing the entire devboard.

I’m wondering if someone from Nvidia would care to comment? It’s a huge barrier for me, as a developer, if I have to figure out a custom PCB to get access to connectors that should have been included. And this isn’t even for any kind of production application, just for testing. We don’t want to go to all the effort of making a custom board just to do development/testing/validation.

Actually, just found this for TK1: https://world.taobao.com/item/523268793754.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a312a.7700824.w137644-2189216356.26.X67B5Q

There is a breakout board for this connector: