Unable to add Sample Assets in #1 Package Method

Hello , with default Nucleus Server Running , i am unable to add Sample Assets in #1 Package Method , only mount method works , but we cannot modify the files in that method.

Nucleus Documentation is incomplete , does not tell anywhere, how to install Custom Nucleus Server :-

Setting default Nucleus Server
To set the default Nucleus server when running natively, edit the file at:

“isaac”: {
“nucleus”: {
“default”: “omniverse://localhost” // I’ve changed this to ip address of my workstation !!
how to set Custom ip address , username and password , how to restart Custom Nucleus Server ?

You need to set the username and password for omniverse before starting isaac sim in the terminal. The default user does not have write permissions on this folder. First do:
export OMNI_USER=omniverse
export OMNI_PASS=omniverse
Then run:
And follow the further instructions on this page to add the folder: