Using ROS with DriveWorks for lane detection

We would like to build further from the sample_lanenet_detection module provided by the DriveWorks sample project and convert it to a ros node.
To do so we created a catkin workspace and copied the lanenet sample code to the catkin workspace. We tried to do all the linking correctly to the static libraries that are output by the sample app once it is built.
More specifically, lanenet has a dependency with the ‘dw_samples_framework’ as well as ‘dw_samples_dnn_common’ libraries. When linking these libraries, the header files that are needed by the files are still not found.
We link the libraries like this:
add_library(dw_samples_framework STATIC IMPORTED)
set_property(TARGET dw_samples_framework PROPERTY
IMPORTED_LOCATION /home/alex/driveworks/build_host/src/framework/libdw_samples_framework.a)
target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} PRIVATE dw_samples_framework)
However, this gives a build error saying that in LaneDetectionCommon.hpp #include <framework/SampleFramework.hpp) is not found.
We would like to work with this approach since it will make our life easier porting this code to the DRIVEPX2 as we won’t need to do any cross compilation. However, we are wondering if this is possible at all (our cmake skills are limited).
Atm all our tests have been on a Ubuntu16.04 laptop with Driveworks installed.
Hopefully you can assist us!
Kind regards

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