VS 2012 Creating Android Native Application project problem

Hi guys

Just recently downloaded the TADP so I can use Visual studio 2012 professional and the NDK to create android applications.
However I seem to be at the first hurdle as when I try to create a new project I am unable to select a minimum target in the “Customize Android Manifest” project wizzard. I have been able to run most samples in the TADP (my phone is only 3.0 so its not compatable with the 3.1 samples provided)
I have reinstalled TADP and its the same
I have a feeling im missing something obvious in the options but I havent seen anything and searching for related problems I havent found anything.

If any1 knows what might be the problem that would be great.



What do you mean by being unable to select the minimum target in the project wizard? The target you need is not on the list or the drop-down list is not opening or something else?

BTW you can always edit this property after you’ve created the project. It’s in the project properties on the General page.

Its working now again, It was a fresh install of windows and apparently there was still some windows updates left, after it updated I was able to create a new project.

On a side note, Is it possible to code Cuda on the Nvidia shield using TAPD on windows? I have read its only possible using linux but that was several months ago

At the moment CUDA is only supported in the Linux-64 packages of TADP. TADP for Windows does not include any CUDA elements (no toolkit, no samples).