What are "deps" folders and can i DELETE them?

Hi! Please see this image from my C: drive

I have here 51 gigs of files in “deps” folder: C:\Users\Pekka\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\deps

What are these and can I delete them?



Did you find an answer to this?


Giving this a bump because I’ve got the same problem, 45gb of files that seem to be duplicates of the actual installs.

yes, I think so. they are raw downloaded files. my “deps” folder size is about 40GB.
I also want to know what are the exact structure of the folders of OV?
which one can we remove and are cache or duplicate install files and which ones are necessary?

So is it safe to clear?

Hey, I just deleted them really it does effect on the OV Composer. It cannot boot:

I restored the files from trashbin and Composer boots again.
So looks like you cannot just delete all of them.

Hey Pekka, the error location is not in the “deps” folder !!!
I think you deleted all pkg folder.
did you delete just “deps” folder ?

I know bro! I am 100% sure that I deleted only the deps folder, it must have some re-direction / shortcut thing.

I would also love to understand this! Omniverse only worked when installed onto my C drive, now I have nearly 80GB in ‘deps’ filling up half of the drive, and no idea how to clean it up. Any help, @WendyGram?

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Yep, that is a pretty big amount of data in C:
One thing I might try is to delete the folders one by one from there ( starting from larger ones ) and see if Crete still boots up :)

Oh, yeah. that’s true bro. got it.
yes, it seems all folders in the pkg folders are just shortcuts with the correct names of “deps” folder.
so I think we should keep “deps” folder files.
but it is somehow weird in Windows properties of folders. when I got properties of all folders inside pkg it is about 40GB and when I just get the properties of “pkg” folder in top “ov” folder it is about 20GB, so I think windows shows the double size of files inside the folder!
yes, also for me drive C is almost full. it is good to know how to clean-up files in omniverse.

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