What is the difference between ISP0 and ISP1 on nvsipl_camera?

I have tested the sample nvsipl_camera on AGX device.

Running it I can get three columns of images. The left image is green; the middle image is ISP0 output of pipeline ,it is very clear;the right image is ISP1 output of pipeline,it is very dim.

I want to know the difference about ISP0 and ISP1 on SIPL, Who can explain it for me?

Dear kmyang,
SIPL supports up to 2 ISP outputs for each sensor, 1st one is usually meant for human vision use cases and 2nd one is meant for machine vision use cases

Hi SivaRamaKrishna

I see.Thank you very much.


Could you explain why the middle image, output of ISP1 that is more clear, is meant for machine vision and not human vision?


Dear Aburhanu,
Middle Image is from ISP0 which is for human vision. Do you see ISP1 is more clear?