Width, height filed in Point Cloud topic published from ROS2 bridge


I am using a depth camera for point cloud.
I added a ROS2CameraHelper and set the type of Inputs to depth_pcl.
When I get point cloud topic, it says like below.

    sec: 5
    nanosec: 83333598
  frame_id: camera_frame
height: 1
width: 921600
- name: x
  offset: 0
  datatype: 7
  count: 1
- name: y
  offset: 4
  datatype: 7
  count: 1
- name: z
  offset: 8
  datatype: 7
  count: 1
is_bigendian: false
point_step: 12
row_step: 11059200
- 241
- 217
- 2
- 193
- 220

I think that the height and width value is not correct.
It says height is 1 and width is 921600. (width 1280 x height 720 = 921600?)
Is there any way to fix this problem?

I think this is expected, the point cloud data is not an image, but a linear array of points.

Ok. depth_pcl publishes 1d unordered point cloud data.
Is it possible to set camera to publish 2d image-like point cloud data?

sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 Documentation

sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 Message
File: sensor_msgs/PointCloud2.msg
Raw Message Definition
# This message holds a collection of N-dimensional points, which may
# contain additional information such as normals, intensity, etc. The
# point data is stored as a binary blob, its layout described by the
# contents of the "fields" array.

# The point cloud data may be organized 2d (image-like) or 1d
# (unordered). Point clouds organized as 2d images may be produced by
# camera depth sensors such as stereo or time-of-flight.

# Time of sensor data acquisition, and the coordinate frame ID (for 3d
# points).
Header header

# 2D structure of the point cloud. If the cloud is unordered, height is
# 1 and width is the length of the point cloud.
uint32 height
uint32 width

# Describes the channels and their layout in the binary data blob.
PointField[] fields

bool    is_bigendian # Is this data bigendian?
uint32  point_step   # Length of a point in bytes
uint32  row_step     # Length of a row in bytes
uint8[] data         # Actual point data, size is (row_step*height)

bool is_dense        # True if there are no invalid points

Its not possible currently, will file a feature request to see if we can support this in the future

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