Xavier booting fail-storage full?


Xavier just flashes with the above message.
Even after turning it off, it just flashes again as above.
Maybe the storage space came out as full before, so I erased a lot of this and that capacity…
I rebooted again, and it keeps happening after that…

This is not fatal. No need to worry about it.

You can use df command to check the disk space.

Can’t issue the df command because it doesn’t go to the command prompt stage
Compose the above message only and do not proceed


so the real issue should be you are not able to see ubuntu desktop on monitor, is it right?

If so, few ways to access

  1. Remote access through ssh.

  2. Serial console through TTL-usb cable.

  3. press ctrl+alt +f1~6 to see if you can switch the monitor to console mode.