Xavier bootloop fixing

Yesterday I tried to build OpenCV on my Xavier. The build directory took up nearly 10GB and depleted eMMC storage quickly (my NVME SSD hasn’t arrived yet). It installed succesfully and I accidentally shut the Xavier down without cleaning up the build directory. Now when I power on it stucks at flashing boot screen without any cmd keyboard combination working.
So is there any method to erase the redundant files and get the system running again ? I don’t want to re-flash Jetpack because it contain all my recent ROS projects. Thank you.

You would use a serial console. Plug a micro-usb cable into the left connector of this image:

and it will be a USB serial device seen from host (ex: /dev/ttyUSB3). You would use a serial client such as gtk-term or putty on host.
You should be able to log in and delete the forgotten part from the console. Then just reboot and it should be fine.

Thanks a lot! It worked like a charm.