Xavier NX carrier board HDMI GS7616CS-R chip


We are designing our own carrier based on Xavier NX devkit one, and made a prototype, but we could not find the HDMI chip GS7616CS-R (https://download.kamami.pl/p579520-Jetson_Xavier_NX_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_v1.0.pdf).
Instead we put a Si1869DH (based on this suggestion: Need suggestion for alternate IC - #5 by Trumany) but we realized that it’s not pin-to-pin compatible.
Does anyone know where we can find the GS7616CS-R chip? it seems very hard to find a reseller.
Or does anyone know an pin-to-pin alternative?


Did you check with vendor for that? Otherwise you may need to find another one which is pin compatible if your board had been done.

Yes, we cannot find a vendor for this chip, that’s why we’re looking for a pin-compatible alternative.
We have a set of many boards already done with this layout. In the future we could change the PCB layout, but for this set we have to find a solution.
Do you know any chip that is pin-compatible? or any vendor where we could find the GS7616CS-R chip?

No such info. Hope someone has info can be shared.

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