Cannot create folder in localhost,create a folder and nothing happen

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have no create folder icon


A possible solution is to identify the active user for the omniverse nucleus in Isaac Sim (Content tab), and assign full permissions in the User Management section (bottom-left icon) in the Nucleus Web… Then, you will be able to create the folder from Isaac Sim



Please follow this guide to add the sample assets and the Isaac folder.

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Thank you very much,it works.I add my user name to groups/gm,and i can create folder now.Thank you very much.

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how to assign the permission?

as the admin, I can’t give permission to any other users


You can follow the next steps

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but there is no “dockeruser”.

Thanks, it works now. I think I need to add it by myself in gm.

Hello. I have same problem, I using the localhost , How did you solve it?