Configuring CAN Channels on the Drive Xavier

Hello All,

I am trying to configure CAN channels on the Drive Xavier.

Currently on the Xavier, I see Can0 and Can1 configured.

I am able to see the CAN bus traffic (on the pin 2 and 7 - CAN 6) when using sample can --driver=can.socket --params=device=can1. I believe --driver=can.socket --params=device=can0 corresponds to CAN 4? Currently I dont have a mating DB9 that converts 8 and 1 pins to 2 and 7 so I am unable to verify that.

I wanted to ask the following:-

  1. Could I get a link to the document where these dependency of the Can0- CAN 6 channel is defined?
  2. How do I configure the CAN channels - 1, 2, 3, 5, (assuming Can0=> Channel 4 and Can1=> Channel 6)

Dear aviralfay1b,

Could you please refer to 5.1.2 Configured CAN controller mapping in Aurix firmware in DDP_EB_AURIX_Software_UserGuide.pdf which is in in your hostPC? Thanks.


Thank you for the reply but unfortunately, I am unable to configure this.

I did follow through the DDP_EB_AURIX_Software_UserGuide.pdf which is in in the hostPC but still couldn’t configure it.

Maybe you could provide more details on this? Step by step instructions?


Dear aviralfay1b,

I think you need to contact EB team for your topic.
I will send a PM. Thanks.


I received no reply from the EB contact you provided. Is there any way, I can use the sample builds to log CAN traffic on Aurix channels? If so please provide some detailed instructions.

Dear aviralfay1b,

Unfortunately Aurix CAN is in charge of EB teams.
I think you’ll have to ask EB team once again.


I was able to get the easy can working both receive and transmit through the python scripts provided.
For those who are facing similar problems, here is the solution:-

First configure all the CAN Rx messages on
Run the python file
This will configure the aurix chip to channel the configured message on the ethernet between the aurix and the tegra
Execute the and you should be able to see the messages that you configured in the above script. You can edit this script now to fill in a text file or log in whatever format you wish to log.

However, if we run nvidia sample build ./sample_canbus_logger–driver=can.aurix --params=ip=, bus=a,

we get an exception saying “cannot identify the tegra board” I tried changing the ip to (tegra A) and (tegra B) still i keep getting the same exception. Somehow I feel the answer to this problem lies within how nvidias sample build is calling the EBs aurix can apis. The python scripts are working but not the sample build.

Did you figure out how to use multiple aurix can channel working at the same time? It will be highly appreciated if you can share what you found if you figured out!