Cp not writing through dangling symlink 'etc/resolv.conf' jetson agx xavier


I configured custom dns and ip address via ehternet on Jetson AGX Xavier that is installed 4.3 jetpack. It was working fine. I moved it to another place and turned on. I have this error on screen. It is just blinking. Can not open.

I saw a similar topic, but could not see any solution.Could you help please?



I think you misunderstand something. These logs are always there even in pure jetpack installation.

It means even if you don’t configure the DNS/IP, you shall still see this error in kernel log.
The real problem you have is the desktop manager (gdm3) seems not able to turn on so desktop is gone.

Could you check the log in serial console to confirm that the device is fully booted?

Also, could you check if reboot can make device have desktop?

Hello, thank you for your response. You are right. I could access via serial port. The storage was full. Everything is okey for now. I can access desktop also now.

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@mert.celenk Can you please elaborate, what exactly you did, to recover your device. I am stuck in exactly the same problem. How you connect to a serial port. I don’t know even the IP address of my agx Xavier for ssh xavier@ipaddress

Hello @sharoseali23 ,

I used micro-usb on my xavier agx with my pc for serial console to check booting.
It was similar like that

After that, I plugged in xavier and my pc to a modem with ethernet. I checked IPs on modem console and connected with ssh to xavier, removed some files. It turned to normal.

Thank you @mert.celenk I enter to terminal and delete some weights file… Finally recovered my GUI gnome. Thank you so much.