Custom BSP Integration?

Dear Experts,

I would like to have your advice about the most efficient way to integrate pieces of BSP for a custom Jetson based system as below:

In above system, we might have the source of the camera drivers but we might NOT have the source of the patches for custom carrier board from certain carrier board maker (CBM).
One use-case is that the BSP for the custom carrier board released by CBM might include the camera modules that I am going to use, but they are standard (standalone) drivers and do not handle specific operation such has hardware synchronization in case of multiple cameras. IN this case, I will need to replace existing driver(s) with modified driver(s).
Another use-case is that the BSP for the custom carrier board released by CBM might NOT include the camera module that I am going to use. In this case I will need to install new driver into existing system and make it available to use.

I would like to know if it is possible to follow the continuous path by starting with the BSP release from the CBM (in blue) and remove then re-install the modified version of the camera driver that was already available previous?
And could I add the support for new camera driver into that BSP release? If, yes, how could I update the device-tree (with the new camera node enabled) as well as the kernel’s Image?

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We usually do not integrate customer’s code unless that’s integrated and shipped with our devkit.
Ecosystem HW/camera partner should maintain their BSP/Driver on top ours, and release their support package period.


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