Downloading error in JetPack L4T Component Manager


I am having a problem using JetPack3.0 on my host system (with Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS). I am able to run “” but when it gets to the stage that it wants to download the components from Internet I get Downloading (Error) in the progress column and after a while a “Downloading Packages Fail” message pops out. It is worth mentioning that between download retries, the progress is not zero. I don’t have any problem downloading files from the Internet in my browser and I am sure that my hardware is not problematic.
Could you help with this?

If the download refers to copy from internet to host I don’t know what the issue would be. If the issue is during copy from host to Jetson, then it sounds like you might be using WiFi on the Jetson. WiFi is not supported for this, wired ethernet is. Is your Jetson using WiFi for this?

Thank you for your reply. I meant download from Internet to host. Anyway, I flashed the device manually (as opposed to using JetPack). I also successfully installed Cuda and OpenCV on TK1. I am not sure if I’ll need to use JetPack in the future or not.

Hi Again,

Now, I’ve got a TX1 board and I do need to use Jetpack. Anybody had this problem? The Jetpack installer cannot download the packages from Internet to host.

I don’t know if this would help or not, but in the past some downloads were helped by going single-thread. I assume you’re using JetPack 3.0, so this file name is old, just substitute with your JetPack file name, try again:


No that doesn’t work either. I am thinking of downloading the packages by “wget” and put them in the jetpack_download folder. according the link bellow I can find the url of the files in repository.json file.

linuxdev, do you think this will work?

I download those files in this way, but then I install them myself without use of JetPack. I do not know if JetPack deals well with continuing after network failure but having the files…you might as well try. The reason I use this method is because my host is Fedora.

It actually worked. Just downloaded the packages from the URLs listed in repository.json through Mozilla and copied them in the jetpack_download folder. Interestingly, most of the files that I replaced, which the installer had fetched before, had the same file size but they didn’t work.

I am having problem in downloading using Jetpack.

Which JetPack version are you using? The most recent full release is 3.1…I too cannot download with JetPack3.2 pre-release (I think it is because some of the host packages must be chosen and my host cannot use CUDA…it’s an Atom laptop).

Is the flash of the Jetson successful? Is it only the additional package install which is failing?

I am trying to install release 3.2 on my TX2. It is currently running release 3.0. I ave verified the the board is in recovery mode ( The board shows up as NVIDIA when issing lsusb) I have tired connecting the board with an ethernet cable to the router and directly to the host pc which loads dhcp. In both cases I get a board not connected error or not in recovery mode. Any thoughts?

If the board shows up from lsusb, then it should work. If you are using a VM, then it is probably because of problems with VMs.