Drive Deleted all my files!

Hi, I have a problem. Omniverse has lost or deleted my files in the localhost directory. When I try save files using Unreal Engine 4.26.2, it says that’s it’s read only. Then I tried again, then I was getting weird error messages.
Plus, I can’t seem to access localhost:3009 on my web browser, saying can’t connect to it. Has anyone had this problem? I seem to have notice this when I updated it a week ago.

What?! Oh no! Let me get some help here.

Let me take a shot at this…

  • With the Unreal Connector, don’t use the Omniverse Drive, the Connector can access your localhost directly. You add your localhost server through the Omniverse button and access it through the Content/Omniverse folder.
  • To access your localhost files, try this link in your browser: http://localhost:8080/
  • If you’re having stability issues with Omniverse Drive I’d recommend shutting it down (and restarting it if you require)
  • If you still cannot access your localhost server, try restarting it by going to the System Monitor - http://localhost:3080/ - and restarting it

Yeah I knew that you didn’t have to have Drive on for saving USD files on Unreal, I just saved directly to localhost anyway. The problem is I can’t save anything in the localhost directory. Even when I try to just make a folder in the localhost directory, it disappears.
For now, I just now go to File->export all and save the files as USD anyway.

When I access localhost:8080 on the browser, it says ‘It failed to connect to server’ to connect to localhost.

Question, how do you restart Omniverse drive?

Ok, just went on the System monitor, I can’t see it on the application list. What is it under?