Dynamic Sky Sun Position

I am using the dynamic sky Environment to set up a stage for simulating sun tracking of heliostats in a solar power plant. I have noticed that when I add a distant light and use it as the sun, I get a different position in the sky than that one from the dynamic sky (see attached image). I know my sun position is accurate - tested azimuth and elevation with two different methods.
If there is no way to fix the sun in the dynamic sky environment, would it possible to turn it off and just keep sky, clouds, haze, etc., but no sun?

@zambetti1 i am just another user passing by; if you grabbed one of the sky with a “play” button (the one i am using is “CumulusLight”), you can hide the “fake” sun by playing around with the “sun_disk_intensity” or “sun_disk_scale” value of the SunMaterial as shown below:

that said, if you are in fact using one of those premade systems such as the ones with a play button, you can actually select the “Environment” xform prim and you can dial in the lat/long and north orientation value since it’s a built in system (so you don’t have to move your direct light as well as adjusting the SkyMaterial/DomeLight consistently, especially if you want to do a animated sun/shadow study). this system should also come with a built in direct light, if you dig deep enough into the reference (into the AxisNorth xform prim).

last but not least, as a side note, there is a third party extension that you could look into called “Sunpath Extension” in case you’d like to explore that as well.

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