External Extensions: ROS Control Bridge (Low Level Controllers for MoveIt)

omni.add_on.ros_control_bridge: ROS Control Bridge (Low Level Controllers for MoveIt, among others)

This extension enables the ROS action interfaces used for controlling robots . Particularly those used by MoveIt to talk with the controllers on the robot. You can combine Isaac Sim, ROS Control, and MoveIt for a powerful robotics development platform

GitHub links:

moveit-rviz-picking 00_00_01-00_00_23~1 00_00_00-00_00_30

moveit-rviz 00_00_03-00_00_38 00_00_00-00_00_30


Dear community,

This extension has been integrated into omni.add_on.ros_bridge extension, in which its source code has been released…