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Hello Isaac Sim user,

Isaac Sim, the robotics simulation application built on NVIDIA Omniverse, is a collection of extensions.
But you are not limited to these extensions, any user can build their own set of extensions and add them to Isaac Sim. For more information about extensions and how to create one please check out the followings in the documentation:
What is an extension
How to build an extension

This thread is to encourage Isaac Sim users to create an Isaac Sim extension pool developed by external users.
If you have created an extension for your own project, we, Isaac Sim team invite you to share a link to your extensions in this forum, so that other users could also benefit.

This is the suggested format for creating a topic for your extension:

  1. Set the title of the topic by “External Extensions: The name of your extension”
  2. Add your github info or any additional info in the body of the topic
  3. Add the “external-extension” tag plus other related tags to your topic.
  4. Add the title of your extension as a reply in this thread, so users can see the list here.


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omni.add_on.visualizer: Data visualizer (Matplotlib and OpenCV-like interfaces and native plots)

omni.usd.schema.add_on: USD Add-on schemas

omni.add_on.ros_bridge_ui: ROS Bridge UI (add-on)

omni.add_on.ros_control_bridge: ROS Control Bridge (Low Level Controllers for MoveIt, among others)

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omni.add_on.ros_bridge: ROS Bridge (add-on)

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omni.add_on.openxr : OpenXR compact binding for creating extended reality applications on NVIDIA Omniverse

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You want to encourage Isaac Sim users to develop their own extensions. Good for you! I think this is also a necessity because the out-of-the-box functionality is a bit low.

But how about stimulating current ROS-users to become Isaac (Sim) users by writing more elaborate “howtos”. I see is doing its part sharing extensions (kudos to you!) .

I myself am a ROS-user but not really happy with the stability and time required for debugging, getting all dependencies right, etc. So I would like to use Isaac Sim/SDK, but I am held back right now by the lack of proper documentation (and support).

Is there a roadmap for Isaac Sim/SDK available, also for documentation of the features ?

Greetings, Edward Hage

We have added a good set of ROS tutorials with the 2021.2 release, please check them out, and share the issues that you are facing while using Isaac Sim with ROS

My goal is not to use ROS with Isaac Sim, but to switch to another platform because I do not like ROS. Maybe switcht to Isaac SDK. Things holding me back is for example are:
There is no documentation on :

  1. How to make a holonomic drive (with 6 wheels)
  2. How to make a 4 wheel fixed drive
  3. Integrate GPS-data with odometry (instead of wheel-encoders which I do not have)

If you can point me in the right direction here would be great.


omni.add_on.ros2_bridge : ROS2 Bridge (add-on)