[Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin]

I’m trying to run a simulation from a python enviroment and I’ve got a Fatal message, which I can’t solve and I dont find any Dokumentation about it.

2021-12-02 21:28:10 [35,398ms] [Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] libcarb.events.plugin.so!carbOnPluginStartup

I need to solve this problem as soon as possible.
can you please provide me with more, where can I find possible solution, Errors in the code or someting helpful?


Hi. Please provide more details on your setup and the commands you use to run Isaac Sim and the Python environment.

Your driver version looks good. Which GPU are you using?

Looks like you are using Isaac Sim version 2021.1.1. Please update to the latest version 2021.2.0.

I attached a zip Folder with the scripts I’m working on. the structure of the Project you find here:

[python_samples.zip|attachment](upload://wuyqMIByTE5YZaR02V6boWmOuFR.zip) (706.2 KB)

|-- rl_main.py
|-- experimentFile.json
|-- env/
|   |-- __init__.py
|   |-- dolly_environment.py
|   |-- env_utils.py
|-- labor_robot/
|   |-- __init__.py
|   |-- labor_robot.py
|-- rl_algorithmus/
|   |-- __init__.py
|   |-- laborobot_env.py
|   |-- laborobot_model.py
|-- utils/
|   |-- __init__.py
|   |-- math_utils.py

to run the Project:

~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2021.1.1$ ./python.sh python_samples/ReinforcementLearning/rl_main.py

I attached also some screenshots of the Errors that appear randomly. I would be thankfull If you can help me.
I dont know where to start lookig for the Error.
have a nice Weekend.!

python_samples.zip (706.2 KB)

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