Feed vehicle states to calibration engine without using VehicleIO and CAN modules


We are working on DriveWorks SDK version 5.8 and target device is AGX Orin.

We are trying to perform dynamic LiDAR calibration via DriveWorks’ LiDAR self-calibration functionality.
Upon reviewing the related API documentations and the LiDAR calibration sample, we found that it is necessary to initialize the calibration engine with CAN sensor index( dwCalibrationEngine_initializeLidar) and feed vehicle states to calibration engine(dwCalibrationEngine_addVehicleIONonSafetyState and dwCalibrationEngine_addVehicleIOActuationFeedback).
In our case, we are not using DriveWorks’ CAN module and VehicleIO module, so it is preferable to be able to create vehicle states(e.g. necessary dwVehicleIONonSafetyState and dwVehicleIOActuationFeedback) with vehicle state information gathered by our own system and feed them to calibration engine.
So our questions here are

  1. How could we initialize LiDAR calibration without using CAN BUS module?
  2. There are a large number of members in dwVehicleIONonSafetyState and dwVehicleIOActuationFeedback, so we are wondering which members are necessary to perform LiDAR calibration since it may not be possible for us to gather the full set of information.