Flashing ubuntu 14.04 on Nvidia TX2


Is there a way to flash Ubuntu 14.04 onto the Nvidia TX2 develper kit board?
I need to install ROS indigo which is only compatible with Ubuntu 14.04.


The TX1 had an Ubuntu 14.04 release, but the TX2 has always been 16.04. I have not heard of anyone porting 14.04 to a TX2, but lots of people are interested in ROS. Anyone know if there is a way to get ROS working on Ubuntu 16.04/TX2?

OSRF began supporting aarch64 starting with ROS Kinetic. Here’s an article by JetsonHacks about installing it on TX2:


No, there’s not supported way to get Ubuntu 14.04 onto the TX2. It needs a much newer kernel and drivers.
ROS kinetic and up are the way to go. If you have indigo programs to run, you’ll need to port them to kinetic (which I hear is easy, but I’ve never done it.)

Thanks. Yes, ROS kinetic is available for Ubuntu 16.04, but I’m using some packages for SLAM in ROS indigo which are not yet available in kinetic. Guess, I have to use some alternate packages.