Graphiccard error when launch IsaacSim in multi-user profile in Ubuntu 20.04

Hi, I want to use IsaacSim with multi-user profile in ubuntu.
(please check top-right turnoff ubuntu icon > Log out > switching user in Ubuntu).

I used only one user profile, and it still works well for IsaacSim.
However, when I added a new user profile and installed/launched IsaacSim, graphiccard-realated error occured.

2023-03-04 10:23:49 [337ms] [Error] [] Multiple Installable Client Drivers (ICDs) are found for the same GPU on the system. This causes the same GPU to be reported multiple times by more than one driver and leads to instability or crash. 
For NVIDIA drivers, please follow troubleshooting docs to uninstall and completely purge Linux-distribution-provided driver packages, and then reinstall your driver cleanly via .run package. Otherwise, updating Ubuntu software may reinstall a secondary ICD or override the existing NVIDIA driver.

To verify the proper NVIDIA driver installation, only one of the following icd.d folders should contain nvidia_icd.json file:
/etc/vulkan/icd.d: Location of ICDs installed from non-Linux-distribution-provided packages
/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d : Location of ICDs installed from Linux-distribution-provided packages

  • I also tried purge&reinstallation of the graphiccard driver, But it didn’t solve this problem.
  • In my first user profile, IsaacSim still run well.

Please share some information If you had this kind of experience.

Terminal Image :

Terminal total prints :
CLI.txt (26.9 KB)

Log :
kit_20230304_192348.log (479.0 KB)



Although it is not the same problem, I think the steps to clean up duplicate ICD files may work in your case.

thank you for reply,
I will check the troubleshooting you shared.